Zane Garrett
Biographical information
Full name Zane Zachary Garrett[1]
Born October 15, 1966; Austin, Texas
Physical description
Gender male
Hair color brown[1]
Eye color brown[1]
Mother Beverly Carter-Garrett
Father Harrison Garrett
Sibling(s) Annabelle Masterson (sister)
Spouse(s) Becky Garrett (wife) (deceased)

Ty Grady (husband)

Other family Stan Carter (uncle)

Jamie Carter (nephew) (deceased)
Sadie Masterson (niece)

Career information
Affiliation(s) Federal Bureau of Investigations (formerly)
Central Intelligence Agency
Brick & Mortar Books
Previous position SAC, FBI Baltimore Field Office
Position CIA handler

Zane Zachary Garrett was born October 15, 1966 in Austin, Texas.


He was born to Harrison Garrett and Beverly Carter-Garrett, the owners of the quite profitable Carter Garrett ranch.

He attended the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Statistics and Spanish. He chose the Federal Bureau of Investigation over Law School, and in 1990 he was assigned to the Dallas Field Office.

In 1997, he was promoted to the Criminal Investigative Division and moved to Bethesda. In 2003, his wife was killed in a car accident, sending him into a personal and professional spiral, becoming an alcohol and drug abuser.

In 2008, he was partnered with Special Agent Ty Grady to aid in the cature of a serial killer in New York.


Notes and referencesEdit

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